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Updated: Jan 30

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A field can be:

  • Visible

  • Editable

  • Required

This setting is done in the field permissions. The YES and NO values are available by default and to these values are added the conditions created.

A condition is a field (or list of fields) with an associated value.

For the condition to be satisfied, all field values must be checked on the field on which the condition was applied.

You can configure different combinations of conditions to allow fields to interact with each other based on one or more results. It is also possible to use another condition to create a new, more complex condition.

Setting up

In your form, click Condition.The following window lists all the conditions of your model.

  • Go to New:

We will address the following elements point by point:

  1. Name your condition to differentiate them.

  2. List of all the fields in your Form.

    1. The selected field (e g. Status - list field) and offers an operator and result value that you must choose.

    2. Possible values returns all the data contained in your list field.

  3. Combination elements are used to link the display based on different result criteria.

  4. Result of your condition in color-coded JavaScript format.

    • Green = Valid syntax.

    • Red = Invalid syntax.

A condition is linked to the elements of your form, however if a change is applied such as a list change or a field deletion, then your conditions that depend on it will be invalidated. Modification or deletion of these is necessary in order to be able to save your form with the new modifications.

Example In the following example, the created condition matches two values from two different lists. On the form during entry, as soon as we have the results for "Status : Employee", then the condition will display the desired field. To find out if your condition is correct, a message validating that the condition appears to be valid will be displayed.If the result is red this means that your condition is not correctly written, therefore you will not be able to save it, an informative pop-up will inform you that your syntax is not valid.


Conditions can be used in:

  • field permissions

  • automatic generation of reports

  • file distribution

  • workflows

  • automation

Note: if you use the field of current user in a condition, then it can only be used for permissions and workflows. Conversely, this will not work in reports, automation and broadcasts. Conditions only work on the last active version of the form.


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