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Daxium-Air on iOS

Updated: Jan 26

Daxium-Air is a customizable mobile application intended for businesses which is presented in the form of rich forms, with many types of fields.This mobile solution allows any company to build a set of mobile applications, compatible with smartphones and tablets, fully configurable, and adapted to their businesses.

3 essential steps

In order to use the application, prerequisites are necessary:

  • Have an Internet connection

  • Have an iTunes account configured to access the App Store catalog

  • Valid mobile user access

Download Daxium-Air

Click on the link to access the App Store:

To log in

1. Enter the email address provided by the administrator

2. Select the server (Europe, Asia or dedicated)

3. Enter the password then click Next

4. Create your own PIN code, there are several code options are available to you.

5. Confirm PIN

6. Select the business vertical (if there is only one, this step is automatically skipped)

7. Select the custom app (if there is only one, this step is skipped automatically)

8. Wait until synchronization is done

Navigating the application
  1. List of application menus

  2. New submission : create a submission from the form defined by the administrator or provide access to a list of forms mandatory fields, marked with a * red must be filled in to save the submission.

  3. My submissions : list of files created, distributed, assigned and downloaded from the advanced search.

  4. My tasks: list of tasks assigned to the logged in user from a task template type form.

My submissions

Sent : The submissions has been successfully sent to the server.

Waiting : The submission is being sent for transfer to the server or waiting for a network connection --> Do not reopen the submission and modify it in this state.

Draft : The submissions was saved locally on the mobile after the user did not complete the entry.

Error : The submissions is in error --> Open the submission to see the error and resend and/or save again.


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