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Is Daxium-air “GDPR compatible”?

Updated: Jan 26

The answer is Yes.

As a reminder, GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation

Daxium makes every effort to enable its customers to comply with legislation in terms of processing personal data.

What to remember:

Firstly Daxium does not collect personal data from its customers and users without their consent.

Daxium does not use the (potentially personal) data of its customers, for any purpose other than the proper functioning of the solution (example: email for connection, first and last name for user identification).

Daxium is not responsible for data processing (within the meaning of the GDPR). Each customer is responsible for processing and manages their collection (or not) of personal data. Given that the structure of applications in Daxium-Air is flexible, each customer is able to insert the fields they want and control the purpose of their data.

Daxium is nevertheless a "subcontractor" (within the meaning of the GDPR)

  • Daxium guarantees a secure infrastructure;

  • Daxium guarantees the non-exploitation of its customers' personal data;

  • Daxium allows its customers to delete and remove certain data;

  • Daxium supports its customers and undertakes to notify them in the event of any suspicion of a violation of compliance with the GDPR.


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