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Microsoft Power BI Dashboard

Updated: Jan 26

The data from the files in Daxium-Air can be analyzed using the Microsoft Power BI tool which allows you to create dashboards with different visuals and filters:


To set up a Microsoft Power BI dashboard, you must first set up 2 integrations and a planned export.

1st integration: Local Storage

Check Active and Save:

2nd integration: PowerBI

On the same browser, connect to then click on Authorization on PowerBI:

From Power BI online, create a dedicated workspace:

From Daxium-Air, select it in Group after authorization then Save:

Scheduled export:

Create a new scheduled export of type Power BI:

Once created, check the Active box and select the first integration created Local Storage:

Configure the Daxium report template

The first step is to download Microsoft's Power BI tool: https: //

For further information, please contact to have them provide you the template in pbix format and the custom connector (.mez file).

In your documents, create a Microsoft Power BI Desktop folder containing a Custom Connectors subfolder to place the .mez file provided by support:

Open the template with Power BI Desktop and click on File at the top left then Options and settings > Options:

In the options, go to the Security > Data extensions and check the option(Not recommended) Allow loading of all extensions without validation or warning:

Then click on Transform data:

Right-click on the LoadEntityRow query and select Advanced Editor:

Replace tools with the name of the business vertical and follows by the ID of the planned export:

Next, click Data Source Settings to change the credentials:

Click Sign in as different user

Then Daxium-Air login page opens. Enter the email then the password of the administrator account (also having Mobile permission) of the business vertical:

Click on Accept :

Then Connect:

Structuring data and creating graphs

We advise you to refer to the articles provided by Microsoft:

Publish the dashboard to Power BI

From Power BI Desktop, log in then click on Publish:

Select the workspace created previously during the integration authorization:

You can now view your report in Power BI apps.

Plan data update

From Power BI online, configure automatic refresh

  • Go to the workspace

  • Click on "Schedule refresh" in front of your report

  • Click on Scheduled refresh

  • Enable the Configure a refresh schedule

  • Configure data refresh so that it takes place 30 minutes after the scheduled data export

  • Select your preferred time zone and click on Apply

View a Power BI report on Daxium-Air

Go to the Statistics :

Click on +New then Power BI Report :

You will then have three parameters to enter:

Then click on Save.

To make this dashboard accessible to non-administrator users, open the dashboard you have just saved and create a shortcut from this view:



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