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Updated: Jan 26

When you first connect to Daxium-Air on a mobile, you obtain an application with a default configuration. To replace it, you must create a new one by following the steps below:

See you on the web > Settings > Personalization > Custom apps.

From this menu, you can create personalized applications and view existing ones, identifiable by a logo and name.

Application name & logo

The following changes have no effect on the application name or logo visible in the PlayStore / AppStore.


This option allows you to choose a logo when loading the custom application.

Home page

You will have the choice between two themes:

Once one of the themes has been validated, press Next to go to the next step to define the type of button:

Default template when creating a custom application:

This one uses the 3 block layout diagram. You have four choices available to define your layout scheme which will be applied to the mobile.

In our case, we take the 8-box diagram and activate the banner. It is possible to modify certain parameters of the banner, such as its location, size, etc.

The configuration of the buttons allows you to establish their role and their visuals.

A. Action that will be performed when using the button.

B. Force access to a specific form (this option depends on the type of action selected in A).

C. Text visible on the button (translatable according to the language of the connected user).

D. Button background color.

E. This option depends on the design selected previously.

As soon as the changes are complete, click another button to continue the configuration and remember to save regularly.

App menu

Like on the home page, you can modify/add buttons and configure their actions.

App settings

This section includes a settings manager which allows you to define which ones will be assigned during the first connection to the mobile application. You configure the activation of the options that will be present on the mobile, such as the activation of GPS location when creating a file.However, in the following case, a user will be able to modify the parameter because it is visible and modifiable in the application.

If you wish to remove this possibility, simply deactivate it using the buttons on the right:

Usage rights

This menu allows you to partition one or more applications to one or more user groups.

In our example, we have two groups which have very distinct users and we can select which group(s) will have access to the application that we are configuring:


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