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Updated: Jan 26

This option allows each user to manually define, from the web or mobile, a default value for the fields that have been authorized for pre-filling by the administrator in the form.

Thus, each file created will contain the default values defined by the user who can modify if necessary.


In the advanced field options, a checkbox is available to make it pre-fillable:

For a user to access the pre-fill configuration menu on mobile, a button must be added to the personalized application whose action is "Autofill" :

List of fields not compatible with pre-filling




Use on the web

From the form view, you will find the "Pre-fill" top right:

After clicking on the "Pre-fill" button, you will find a form with only the fields checked as pre-fillable in the form:

You can click Edit, enter values then Save:

Use on mobile

On the custom application with the "Pre-fill" action button, click on it.

If you have several forms, select the one of your choice and fill in the desired values then click on the arrow at the top left when you are finished:

When creating a form, the values defined in the previous step are pre-filled and modifiable:

Attention: if you delete the account from the mobile/tablet, the pre-filled values will be lost.


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