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Updated: Jan 30

This article is divided into 3 parts:


Creating tasks first requires configuring the form so that it is compatible with this functionality. The operation is very simple, it simply consists of providing our form with two date/time fields in order to be able to locate it in time, then only one box remains to check to confirm that it can be used within the framework of creating tasks.


  1. Insert two “Date” fields in “Date/Time” format, which we will name date_start < /span> and end_date

  2. In the form settings, check “Allow the creation of tasks from this form”

  3. Select created fields in red drop-down menus

  4. Save then activate your form once the settings are complete

NFC: Requests the reading of an NFC tag in order to perform the task.

Start date: When starting the task on the mobile, the following field will be automatically completed.

End date: When the user finishes entering the form, the field will be automatically completed before sending.

Deadline: Allows you to include a deadline before the task is considered late. If we set it to 1 hour or if the task starts at 3:00 p.m. and ends at 4:00 p.m., then the overdue deadline will be pushed back to 5:00 p.m.

Fields accessible during creation: This defines the form fields that can be pre-populated when creating the task.

Then you will find the option "Task template" active in the view listing the forms:

Warning: Tasks are incompatible with workflows and deliveries. These are indeed three distinct methods of sending files.



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