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Updated: Jan 30

The article is broken down into the different parts below:


A workflow allows you to define the life cycle of a form's records. This functionality allows a team to follow one another on the same work at different phases.


The idea is that the cards created will be in the "Planning" state. Instead of the save button, there will be two buttons which will either allow you to stay in the current state (arrow "Save") or move to the state "In-Progress / Validation".

The status of a form is traceable by its color in list views as well as by a small insert in the form.

When a form reaches a final state ("Done", "Blocked", "Cancelled"), it is in an archived state.

It is no longer possible to modify it (except in administrator editing mode).

The transition buttons between states are configurable on the one hand for the visual appearance (icon, wording, color) but they can also be subject to conditions which allows you to define who has the right to work on a file on this state and when the button is available.

Setting up

In the form designer (or form builder), there is an option in the toolbar at the top right:

In this menu it is possible to choose from a set of predefined workflows.

When you select a workflow, you are presented with a graphical representation.

Then, for all existing transitions you can decide:

  • wording

  • color

  • of the icon

  • and a button display condition

If the condition is not checked, the button does not appear. By using conditions on the current user, it is therefore possible to choose who has the right to move a form from one state to another.

In addition, it is also possible to create conditions that rely on the state of the record.

This can make certain fields active only from the moment the form arrives in the correct state.

Advanced functions

Users with an administrator license can directly save a form without going through a workflow transition to edit mode.

Similarly, an administrator can modify (mass) the state of the files without going through transitions.

To do this, you must select the cards in the table view, then Actions > Modify.

After selecting the "Mass Edit" button, a new window allowing you to choose the field to modify is displayed. Click on the "Field to update" then from the list select "Workflow state" :

It remains to choose the workflow step to apply to the selected forms:


To do this, we will add a user field (do not activate the "multiple" option) and in the workflow tab, we will set up the assignment by selecting the user field.

So that users can access the files assigned to them on mobile, a button must be added with the following values:

  • Action: My files

  • Option chosen: Name of form with workflow and assignment

  • Filters: Files assigned to the user

As long as the cards are assigned to the user, they will receive all updates in real time on their mobile.

  • A single user cannot be assigned to more than 1,000 records.

  • A form using assignments cannot use broadcast or tasks.

  • It is not possible to assign a file to several users.


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