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  • How can I send files to mobiles?
    From the web, several options are available to you to "send files to mobiles". Assignment: through a user field in the form It allows you to assign a file to a user, often used for a very specific mission to be carried out by this person. ➡️ Find out more: Workflow ( Broadcast This functionality allows you to configure the eligibility rules (conditions) of a (or a batch) of records to be sent to mobile. It is associated and therefore "disseminated" to a group of users. It is often used to share a "repository or catalog" files, such as products, contacts. ➡️ To find out more: Diffusion of files ( Task: form type It conveys a dated file from the calendar, which is assigned to a particular user. It is most often an action to be done at a specific date and time. ➡️ Find out more: Task (
  • La fonction signature électronique existe-t-elle dans Daxium-Air ?
    Il y a 2 réponses possibles à cette interrogation . La première : En standard une signature numérique peut être aisément insérée dans chaque formulaire, Celle ci se fait au doigt sur l'écran et restitue une image de la signature de la personne (interne / externe) Cette signature peut être utilisée dans les rapports, documents. Elle n'a pas de valeur juridique. La seconde : Si le besoin est une signature électronique probante, Daxium propose des service tiers intégrés à sa solution. Nous avons développé la plateforme Daxium-Connect qui facilite l'intégration de plug-in externes. Nous avons référencé 3 solutions qui permettent d'apporter la signature électronique certifiée à vos actes et documents. Il s'agit de DocuSign, Yousign et DataSure Secusign. * * ces services sont soumis à tarification. Contactez nous pour en savoir plus
  • Am I limited in the number of forms or applications with Daxium-Air?
    Your Daxium-Air subscription allows you (administrators) to create as many forms or applications as you wish. There are therefore no project limits on your Daxium-Air workspace. Daxium-Air's economic model is not based on usage but on the user. From the moment you subscribe to Daxium-Air, you benefit from the possibility of creating your forms and applications without limits. It’s up to you!
  • Can Daxium-Air be connected to other software?
    It is possible to interface Daxium-Air with external solutions that allow this. For this, Daxium-Air provides an API. This API exposes a certain number of webservices (eg: Create/update files, lists, users). Flows can be incoming and/or outgoing. Interfacing between the different tools can be done in different ways. In general, this requires coding middleware which will manage flows, field mapping, exchange frequency and error management. ➡️ To find out more: Api Documentation | Daxium Center (
  • How to contact Daxium-Air technical support?
    Our support team (Nantaise) is at your side from Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. (FR time). If necessary, you can contact support by 2 means: Ticket creation form available on this link By email to In both cases, a ticket will be created with a tracking number and our team will contact you for processing as soon as possible. Note: Technical support is your interface for handling any possible technical malfunction. For any requests for configuration assistance, requests for information or training, we invite you to contact your respective usual contacts (Customer Success Manager, Project Manager, Account Manager).
  • How to produce reports with Daxium-Air?
    Reports in the Daxium-Air sense are documents generated from a template on the basis of the files entered (whatever the type of file in the "business" sense) Supported formats are Word, Excel, PDF. The report templates are based on Word and Excel files. The form of the documents is subject to customization independently of Daxium, using Microsoft Office tools. Reports can be generated manually, automatically (according to a trigger) or scheduled (such frequency) and sent by email. ➡️ To find out more: Report (
  • Where is my Daxium-Air data stored?
    Daxium-Air data is hosted in France, north of Paris on AWS servers (Amazon Web Services). We also have a server (still AWS) in India in Mumbai for customers in the Asia region. Clients can be hosted on this dedicated server, upon request.
  • Does Daxium-Air allow you to create workflows?
    The Daxium-Air workflow function effectively allows you to transpose your business processes into the solution. There are off-the-shelf workflow models in the solution (one-step validation, two-step approval with approver, etc.). It is possible to customize and adapt these models according to your business rules. We can also co-build specific workflows with you, upon request. ➡️ Find out more: Workflow (
  • How is rights managed?
    Daxium-Air allows you to manage user rights in detail. First there are the system groups which define roles: Administrator Contributor Reader Then you can create groups specific to your uses and give them permissions on the functionalities, à la carte. Finally, there are data rights to configure visibility restrictions on data, group by group. (example: geographic sector, specific professions, customer contract, etc.) ➡️ To find out more: User (
  • What happens to my data if I unsubscribe?
    Each customer is the owner of their data hosted on Daxium-Air.If you decide to leave us 😢, don't worry about your data. As part of reversibility, you can recover them.There are already many ways to export data from the solution: CSV/Excel export Exporting images Export reports (automatic emails) Periodic data export: ((s)FTP, OneDrive Export...) Data extraction via API Finally, on request, extraction of data and files.
  • Does the application work in disconnected/offline mode?
    The Daxium-Air mobile application (IOS and Android) works in disconnected mode (without network coverage). It thus allows the consultation of local data on the terminal, the entry and saving of new files. The data is then saved locally, and is transmitted to the server as soon as the network is found, without user action. You will nevertheless need the network to: Synchronize updates to your application Receive new elements (distribution of sheets, tasks, assignment) Updates to forms or lists
  • Daxium-Air works on what type of device?
    You design your application in the same way regardless of the device used (smartphone or tablet) or the screen resolution/size. The application adapts and works on all formats. Idem, the application works on iOS (Apple) and Android in the same way. Only certain advanced features may be ahead of one system and arrive later on the other. In terms of UI/UX (ergonomics) we strive to maintain good practices in each environment On iOS, users will find codes consistent with Apple's ergonomics and it will be different on Android.
  • How to download the Daxium-Air application?
    The Daxium-Air application can be downloaded from the iOS and Android stores, by anyone.Just search for Daxium in the search bar to find it. iOS : https:// Android : You will need to have your email and password to access it.
  • Do I need to have computer skills to create my app?
    The answer is no! Daxium-Air is a no-code platform. No coding skills are required from an administrator to design their applications and forms. Comfort with office tools and software solutions in general is a plus. Certain advanced functions of the solution may require knowledge of computer logic such as relationships between databases or the creation of formulas. The online documentation is there to help you!
  • Can I have an application with my graphic identity?
    The Daxium-Air solution can still be downloaded under the brand and identity on the stores (Android and iOS). However, once the application is downloaded and the user is logged in, the application will take on the visual identity and home menu that you, or your administrator, have configured. This can contain your logo, your colors, your pictograms. ➡️ Find out more: Mobile application (
  • Is the solution multilingual?
    The Daxium-Air solution (web and mobile) is translated into the following languages: French English Spanish Germany Turkish Romanian Arabic Thus the system buttons, the menus, are translated into these languages and are displayed in the correct language depending on the language chosen by the user. In addition, data, forms, business lists can be translated by you. It is possible to add a language outside of these languages and translate business elements (outside the system).
  • What should I do if I'm stuck on certain technical configurations?
    Rest assured! We've all been there, haven't we? We will help you 🙂 Even if the Daxium-Air solution remains accessible to non-developers, it still includes many features that allow complex solutions to be set up. Certain functionalities combined with each other may require more in-depth skill development. If, however, you do not have the time or internal resources, and are stuck on a formula, a workflow with automation or advanced reporting functions, you can: Navigate the documentation and find answers to your questions Contact us to be supported by tailor-made and accessible packages, such as Workshops or service tickets.
  • Does the Daxium-Air solution comply with the GDPR?
    The answer is YES !As a reminder, GDPR = General Data Protection Regulation.Daxium makes every effort to enable its customers to comply with legislation in terms of the processing of personal data.What to remember: First, Daxium does not collect personal data from its customers and users without their consent. Daxium does not use the (potentially personal) data of its customers, for any purpose other than the proper functioning of the solution (example: email for connection, first and last name for user identification). Daxium is not responsible for data processing (within the meaning of the GDPR). Each customer is responsible for processing and manages their collection (or not) of personal data. Given that the structure of applications in Daxium-Air is flexible, each customer is able to insert the fields they want and control the purpose of their data. Daxium is nevertheless a "subcontractor" (within the meaning of the GDPR): Daxium guarantees a secure infrastructure; Daxium guarantees the non-exploitation of its customers' personal data; Daxium allows its customers to delete and anonymize certain data; Daxium supports its customers and undertakes to notify them in the event of any suspected violation of compliance with the GDPR.
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