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Duplication of submissions

Updated: Jan 26

On the web, as on mobile, it is possible to duplicate files individually or in bulk, except for files having a workflow and being in a state other than initial.

From the web

In mass

From the table view, after selecting one or more cards, click on Actions then Duplicate :


From the table view, open one submission and click on Actions then Duplicate:

You will be redirected to a view allowing you to modify the duplicate record before saving it. This way, you can duplicate a submissions that is not in the initial workflow state. In return, for technical reasons, the sub-content relationship fields (see below) are not duplicated.

From Android

In mass

  • Go to the "My Submissions" view

  • Perform a long press on the label of a submissions

  • Select on the top menu icon of the screen, allowing duplication

  • Confirm

  • The submissions are duplicated in draft

From iOS
  • Go to the "My Submissions" view

  • Drag the label of a submission to the left to reveal the menu

  • Select Duplicate

  • The duplicate file is created in draft

Configure data to duplicate

By default, when a record is duplicated, all of the information it contains is copied. From the form, it is possible to define the values of the fields to duplicate in a submissions. This is configured in the advanced settings of your form:

Special case of relation

When duplicating a record, if a relationship field needs to be copied, we use the relationship parameters to know what to do.

Also be careful not to put the same system name on your relationship element fields (and formulas based on a child field) so that the form is duplicated.

Relationship under content

If the relationship does not allow selection (but allows creation and modification): we recreate the sub-file and link it to the new file.The fact of not authorizing selection shows that we are in a sub-content type relationship.

The sub-file only exists within its parent file, it is duplicated.

Reference relationship

If the relationship allows selection: we create a link between the existing sub-file and the new file.

The selection being available, we are in a reference relationship. The sub-file may have meaning on its own or in other parent files, it is not duplicated.


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