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Export mobile app data

Updated: Jan 26

In order to better analyze the issues reported to our technical support, you may be asked to export the data from your Daxium-Air application. To do this, please follow the detailed steps depending on your operating system (Android or iOS).

Export from Android

From the left side menu:

  • Select the Settings

  • Choose "Backup the app"

  • Select where to save the export

To share your export, you can use the option directly offered at the end of the export by pressing the "Send" button. You will be asked which tool you want to use (Mail, MMS...). Please note, if the backup exceeds 25 MB, it cannot be sent directly using the "Send"

Use the cancel button, then use a large file transfer website, then search for the backup file in the location of the previous save.

Export from iOS

From the left side menu:

  • Click Log out

  • Confirm Log out

  • Drag to the left the account, select “Options”

  • Click “Export”

  • Wait (duration depends on volume of data to export)

  • Share the .zip file or save it to files to send later

If the size of the file does not allow sending by email, use an online transfer method (wetransfer, OneDrive, etc.).


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