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First steps for administrators

Updated: Jan 26

How to build your project?

Asking the right questions is essential at the start of a project and we will guide you in asking those that will be useful to configure as best as possible in Daxium-Air.

IF you have chosen Daxium-Air, this means that you want to digitize your forms.

As part of large-scale digitalization, the first thing to establish is a system name.

This system name will apply to:

  • The names of forms, lists and reports to create a logical and visual link between each functionality

  • System names to also ensure logic but above all harmony between the forms

To know how to start your form, you can ask yourself the following questions:

For whom? For what ? How much?

For whom?

If you want your form to address people individually, that is to say, for only one person to work on a form at a time, then assign the form to your user's mobile seems more suitable. Therefore, setting up a workflow with assignment will be the solution.

Example: I want agent A to make a type 3 intervention (Type 3 intervention being a form that I want to digitize), without time limit.

In addition, if you want to add a time dimension and view the files on the web as well as on mobile through a calendar, the task model will meet your needs.

If you want your form to address a large population, or even several different populations, without ever targeting a specific person, distribution can be a solution. It transmits files to one or more groups of users.

For what?

Is the form content intended to be filled out by your users or do you want to import a database (example: a catalog) and share it with your users?

In one case, you will want to make filling out easy and quick and in another case, you will want to make information easily accessible.

In any case, you will be able to vary the display of your fields, divide them into pages, or even divide your process into several forms and then link them using a relationship.

How much?

In order to best adapt the handling of the Daxium-Air tool and especially the use of your form(s), it is important to ask yourself how often your users will use Daxium-Air? How many forms will they have to fill out each time? What information is redundant and what information is never changed?

Example: An agent A must report anomalies during his inspection visit. Rather than having a form containing inspection fields and anomaly fields, you can split it into a main inspection form and an anomaly declaration sub-form. Thus, the agent can declare as many anomalies as he wishes while respecting the format imposed by the fields, while linking these anomalies to his inspection.

Correspondence table of needs vs. functionalities


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