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Updated: Jan 30

This tutorial will help you customize a business vertical in two steps: 1. The main settings

Example of a business vertical configured with multiple shortcuts:

Main settings

Only the administrator has access to this menu by clicking on the settings icon at the top right then on “General Information”:

Here you can:

  • Change the name of your business vertical

  • Give it a description, a time zone and an icon.

  • Modify the logo which will be placed at the top left and the background image which will be visible on the home screen

It is also possible to configure the theme of the site: the colors of the frame elements and the font. There is also a selection of predefined themes available to you.


A shortcut is a link to a page in your business vertical. For example, you often want to view your records with a particular filter. Instead of redoing this filter each time you consult it, you can create a shortcut to access it directly later.You can create one when you are on the page you want to save by clicking on the “+” at the top of the page:

There are 3 locations for shortcuts:

  • the bar at the top of the page

  • home page

  • at the bottom of the left menu

The pop-in below will then appear:

You need to name the shortcut and choose where you want to position it.

You can manage your shortcuts from the “Shortcuts” menu:

You will be able to see all shortcuts already created. They are arranged in three locations:

  • Menu: lists shortcuts in the menu on the left

  • Common shortcuts: lists common shortcuts whether they are in the top bar or on the home page.

  • My shortcuts: similarly, lists personal shortcuts whether they are in the top bar or on the home page.

You can drag the different shortcuts, delete or rename them, but also add a sub-menu which will allow you to place the shortcuts in a tree structure (as in the image below). These trees are available for shortcuts in the menu on the left and in the top bar.


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